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At first glance, the photocopied page from an obscure 19th-century British treatise on methods for copying drawings seems bland. Yet Molly Springfield’s 2008 “Chapter IX” is not actually a photocopy but a pencil drawing that lovingly mimics the gray toner blotches and bumpy focus of an old Xerox machine, the expertly re-created text noting, “The usual result of such a practice with thoughtless and stupid persons is idle deception.” “Art = Text = Art: Works by Contemporary Artists” promises scores of such post-modern gems, including multiple entendres (“Gray Sex,” 1979) from painter Ed Ruscha, graceful schematics by choreographer Trisha Brown, and collaged “to-do” lists from camp auteur John Waters.

The Village Voice
August 29, 2012

Drawn to Text by R.C. Baker.