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Curator N. Elizabeth Schlatter developed Leaded: The Materiality and Metamorphosis of Graphite from rather simple concepts . . . Featuring work by a diverse group of international artists, the show is premised on the fact that graphite is a material that speaks to both artists and non-artists alike. As such, Leaded begins and ends with graphite. Many of the artists in the exhibition share her views on the universality of the medium: graphite and its mass-produced vehicle, the pencil, are ubiquitous, unprivileged, and already understood. Following this logic, Leaded is conceptually straightforward yet artistically complex and challenging. It is articulated around three general themes: Graphite as Content, Graphite as Transformative Agent, and Graphite as Sculpture. . . .

Molly Springfield's obsessively rendered drawings of photocopies are also quite elusive. By presenting a copy of a copy of an object, she puts forth the problem of originality. A question arises, underpinning this investigation: "why would anyone go to the trouble?" The Real Object, 2006, a drawing of a photocopied art history text, unmercifully begs us to follow Springfield down the rabbit hole. While her sensuous rendering of the photocopied page is masterful, the subject matter leaves us cool.

Art Papers
February 2008

Leaded by Andy Kozlowski.